Holiday news

I've had a couple of nice surprises this week! One, I found out that A RECKONING IN THE BACK COUNTRY will get a starred review in Library Journal. I'll post the review as soon as it happens. 

Second, MysteryPeople announced their top five mystery writers of 2017--and I'm one of them, courtesy of AN UNSETTLING CRIME FOR SAMUEL CRADDOCK. Thanks to MysteryPeople for the recognition and a salute to my fellow authors on the list: Attica Locke, Reavis Wortham, Joe Lansdale, and Don M. Patterson. 

I love to get emails from fans, and this week I got a couple of keepers. One woman wrote to say that she was reading my series in order for the THIRD time! She said the books hold up under repeated readings. That's a holiday gift I loved getting.

In other news, my family is celebrating the holidays in Monterey. That's the good news. The hard part was that we had to cancel plans for Santa Barbara because we were unsure of the fire situation. Friends told us that the air quality was poor and that the approach of the fire was relentless. My heart goes out to the people affected by these terrible fires. And to the heroic firefighters who continue to battle the blazes. 

As the holidays near, take a few minutes to take a deep breath and to do something nice for yourself.

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